QWIK about us

Finding the best jobs withing the pharmacy industry can be very challenging, and that’s where QWIK comes into play. We created QWIK as the ultimate solution to pharmacy staffing, and we are a comprehensive replacement agency that helps any pharmacy find the best professionals. In addition, as an expert in this niche, you have the unique opportunity to find the right job for you, since you can check all details and see what option fits your needs the most.

The ultimate way to find jobs in the pharmacy industry

Here at QWIK we know how difficult it can be to find a great job within the industry. That’s why we decided to create an app which seamlessly connects pharmacies with exceptional talent in their area. This way, it becomes a lot easier for any talented pharmacist, technician or any other professional to find their dream job.

Innovative reward system

Our team at QWIK has created a very exciting and incredible reward system. You’ll receive $1 back for every hour in an accepted contract. We also have a referral program that will reward you for every referral you bring to the platform. 

Helping pharmacy owners find the best staff

We know how difficult it can be for any pharmacy to find reliable staff, and we are here to help. What’s great is that you get amazing hourly rates, along with a stellar reward system and direct access to some of the top technicians and pharmacists on the job market.

An incredible platform for technicians and pharmacists

If you’re a pharmacist or a technician, QWIK is the ideal place to find any pharmacy contracts. The app is very intuitive, you have access to a large number of filters, and you can easily find the best contract that fits your requirements. Plus, you access amazing hourly rates and contract flexibility options. 

We want to take the pharmacy industry to the next level

Our CEO is a pharmacist that graduated in 2017, and he’s always been passionate about the business side of the industry. With QWIK, he has the unique opportunity to not only make the life of pharmacy CEOs easier, but also speed up the hiring process for talented pharmacists and technicians.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, easy to use app that seamlessly connects pharmacists/technicians with pharmacies, QWIK is here to assist. We encourage you to download the app right now to avail all of its great features and access some extraordinary pharmacy contracts within your area.

Our mission

QWIK is here to help deliver innovative, creative solutions that help connect pharmacists and industry professionals with the best job opportunities on the market.

Our vision

It’s very important for our team at QWIK to help the pharmacy industry improve and take advantage of the latest technologies. We aim to make it easier for any pharmacy to find the right staff, while also allowing pharmacists and technicians to identify stellar opportunities within their area.

Our values

The QWIK team is focused on:

  • Being transparent and offering the best way for any pharmacy and industry experts to connect with each other and start working together.
  • We provide exceptional customer support and always listen to our customer’s needs and requirements.
  • We value professionalism and we always work very hard to deliver an excellent result every step of the way. In addition, we also value your feedback and constantly improve our platform thanks to it.
  • Quality is very important for us, and that’s why we ensure that our platform works very well and offers you the assistance you need in order to fulfill your needs.

We are always here to assist, so if you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and get in touch with our team!



Président-directeur général

Pharmacien remplaçant depuis 2017