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Last Updated: 20th August 2023

Gestion QWIK INC is a company incorporated in Quebec; Corporation number: (1179088167) is operating the website ( and application (“Website”, “Application”, “App”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Gestion QWIK INC has deep concerns about its customers’ and clients’ privacy. Therefore, this Policy (the “Policy”) is intended to comply with Canadian governing law under the Clauses of the Protection of personal information. Our policy also describes QWIK’s practices regarding collecting, using, managing, and disclosing personal information concerning individuals who seek to become, are, or were QWIK’s customers.

The Policy applies to personal information maintained or controlled by Gestion QWIK INC, including information communicated to third parties for storage or processing. 



  • “personal information”, and “Data” are referred to the information about a person (Client or customer) that enables the identification of that person is information. Information on a legal entity, such as a corporation or a company, does not qualify as personal information.
  • “Customer” is referred to a user of QWIK’s applications, services, or facilities, including its website and any other platform for communication or information sharing.
  • “Third-party” is the other outside service acquired by Gestion QWIK INC, its employees or customers for better service and performance.


Collection and use of personal information

Your first and last name, residential address, phone number, email address, social security number, date of birth, images, and scanned documents are just a few examples of the personal information that is gathered. It also includes information about your identity, financial information about you and your purchases, such as the payment method used and the cost of the goods and services purchased, and information about your movements.

Most of the time, Gestion QWIK INC obtains personal data directly from the user. However, Gestion QWIK INC may also obtain personal data about you from third parties with your permission, such as from airline companies, or without your permission if the law permits, such as when gathering the information is obviously in your interest and your consent cannot be quickly obtained.

Only the personal information required for the following purposes is collected and used by Gestion QWIK INC:

  1. To offer products and services For instance, we might gather and utilize your address or email address to give you the goods and services you ordered via any suitable channel.
  2. To handle a payment related to using our facilities, services, and products. As an illustration, we gather and use financial data to handle payments related to your usage of QWIK’s services.
  3. To uphold our responsibilities under the law and regulations. For instance, we might gather and utilize personal data to submit reports to the government or to abide by a court order.
  4. To enhance the facilities, services, and goods we provide. For instance, we study customer satisfaction to enhance our facilities, services, and goods.
  5. To respond to queries, remarks, and recommendations For instance, when a question is submitted to us via our website’s “Contact Us” page,
  6. To confirm your identity. For instance, we want to confirm that you possess the credentials you claim to have.
  7. To get in touch with you via direct marketing For instance, we might utilize your location to alert you about new facilities, services, and goods.
  8. To make your experience online better For instance, when you use the website or app of Gestion QWIK INC, we can automatically create information about your user profile, which may include your computer’s IP address, the operating system you use, the name of your Internet service provider, the date and time you accessed the website or app of Gestion QWIK INC, the website or app you previously visited and which provided a link to the website or app of Gestion QWIK INC, as well as the information contained in your user profile. In order to achieve this, our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit websites. View the cookies policy for more details.

Please note that your personal information won’t be used for anything else the aforementioned ones unless you agree to it or unless it is necessary and allowed by law.


Sharing of personal information

Gestion QWIK INC is aware that, unless otherwise permitted by law and in the situations specified below, disclosing your personal information to third parties requires your permission.

For instance, Gestion QWIK INC may share your personal information without your permission in the following circumstances in compliance with applicable law:

  1.  It is required in accordance with a subpoena, warrant, or order of a court, an individual, or a body with the authority to compel the production of information; or it is required in accordance with the rules of procedure governing the production of documents;
  2. It is made to a government institution – or a division of such an institution – who requested the information by referencing the source of the legitimate authority defending its right to obtain it and the fact, depending on the circumstances: (i) it suspects the information relates to national security, Canada’s defense, or the conduct of international affairs; (ii) the communication is requested for the purposes of controlling the application of Canadian law. 
  3. the communication occurs with a lawyer who represents Gestion QWIK INC; 2. it is made to collect a debt; 
  4. it is provided on the organization’s initiative to an investigative body, a government agency, or a division thereof, and the organization has reasonable grounds to believe that the information relates to a breach of federal, provincial, or foreign law that has already been committed, is being committed, or is about to be committed, or suspects that the information relates to national security, the defense of Canada, or the conduct of an investigation. 
  5. it is given to anyone who requires it in the event of an emergency endangering the life, health, or safety of any person, and the organization must immediately notify the person in writing if they are still alive.
  6. it is produced for statistical purposes;
  7. it is regulatory information that the public can obtain;
  8. it is mandated by law.

If it’s essential for QWIK’s agents, mandataries, consultants, data managers, or other service providers to carry out their mandates or service agreements, they may also disclose your personal information with them without your permission. Your personal information will always be kept confidential and utilized to offer you specialized services in compliance with this Policy.


Other Ways of Data Collection from the Users

  • System and Application Log files

We automatically gather information from system logs to help ensure the site’s functionality, usability, and security. The log data may contain technical information on a visitor’s or user’s connection to our application, such the IP address, type of internet connection, device type, system software, and internet server. This data is used by us to improve and streamline your usage.

  • Cookies

We might send a little file called a “cookie” to your device when you access our App. This will enable us to recognize your device and login session for the application. In order to personalize and enhance your experience, it also monitors how you use our application and determines your particular interests. Cookies may be used by us to gather and store personal data, and we may link the data they save to the personal data you give us. You automatically consent to let the application use a tiny amount of disc space on your device for cookies when you install it.

Cookies are used by third-party suppliers, such as Google, to deliver adverts based on a user’s prior usage of the application. They and their partners can offer users adverts based on their visits to the application thanks to the Google DART cookie. For a more accurate assessment of the performance of the program, its connectivity, and/or other websites on the Internet, the application also employs analytical and functional cookies.

  • Analytics

We may use third-party Service Providers to monitor and analyze the use of our Service. 

  • Google Analytics

Website traffic is tracked and reported by Google Analytics, a web analytics service. Google tracks and keeps track of how our Service is being used. Other Google services receive access to this data. Google might personalize and contextualize the adverts on its own advertising network using the information gathered.

For more information on the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy Terms web page:

We also encourage you to review Google’s policy for safeguarding your data:

  • Firebase

Google Inc. offers Firebase as a development platform for mobile and online applications. It provides a range of tools and services to let developers build excellent, scalable apps quickly and simply. Both frontend and backend services, including real-time databases, push notifications and analytics, are provided. Backend services include hosting, databases, storage, and authentication.

You may opt-out of specific Firebase features through your mobile device settings, such as your device advertising settings, or by following the instructions provided by Google in their Privacy Policy:

For more information on what type of information Firebase collects, please visit the Google Privacy Terms web page:


Your Consent

The purposes must be specified in a way that allows the individual to reasonably understand how the information will be used or communicated in order for the consent to the collection, use, and communication of personal information to be valid.

You agree to the use of your personal information in the ways described in the Policy and as further explained at the time it is collected when you give it to us. Your consent may be explicit, for instance by selecting a box to indicate that you consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, depending on the nature and sensitivity of the personal information. It’s also possible for your consent to be implied, as in cases where the reasons for using your personal data are logically clear.

You have the right to deny consent at any moment, subject to all stipulations in contracts and laws, as well as appropriate advance notice. However, if you refuse or withdraw your consent, Gestion QWIK INC might be unable to provide you with a good or service or grant you access to part of its facilities.

If you’d want to object or withdraw your consent, email us at Our staff will go over your options with you, as well as the repercussions of your refusal or withdrawal of consent, and they will record your decisions in our records.


Accuracy of Data

For this reason, Gestion QWIK INC has put in place reasonable procedures to guarantee that the information is correct and complete in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected. Gestion QWIK INC is aware of the importance of having accurate, complete, and up-to-date personal information on its clients. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Gestion QWIK INC of any material changes affecting his personal information over the course of their business relationship.


Protection measures for Data

In order to protect your personal information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, communication, reproduction, use, alteration, or destruction, Gestion QWIK INC has put in place a number of safeguards. These measures, which take into account the level of sensitivity of the personal information gathered, the volume, repartition, distribution, and format of the personal information, as well as the methods of retention, comprise physical, administrative, and electronic (technical) measures.

The security measures put in place by Gestion QWIK INC to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the personal data it has under its control are continuously reviewed and updated, with a focus on technological measures that take into account technological advancement to combat the risks of unjustified intrusion in its databases and computer systems.

In order to fulfill the purposes for which it was obtained, comply with legal obligations to which it is subject, and safeguard its legitimate business interests, Gestion QWIK INC only keeps personal information about you for as long as is required.

Your personal information may be processed and stored by Gestion QWIK INC in Canada. As a result, under the laws in effect in the jurisdictions where the information is located, the governments, courts, law enforcement agencies, or regulatory bodies of Canada may have access to your information.

In order to assure the management of one or more areas of our business activities, including the processing or management of personal information, Gestion QWIK INC may also rely on third-party service providers (for instance, data hosting or payment processing providers). When we hire an outside company to perform a job for us, we utilize contracts or other legal and practical measures to make sure that your personal information is safeguarded in accordance with the laws that apply to Gestion QWIK INC and is gathered, used, stored, and destroyed in a way that complies with the Policy. The local laws may permit the local agencies previously indicated to additionally access your personal information without your consent if a third party Gestion QWIK INC transfers personal information about you to operate in a foreign country.


Who you can Access the Data

Customers are entitled to have access to the personal information Gestion QWIK INC holds concerning them. Requests for access must be sent in writing and sent to by email at

In certain circumstances, Gestion QWIK INC may decline to grant you access to personal information pertaining to you in accordance with applicable law. Here are some instances of these circumstances:

  1. The information is protected by professional secrecy obligated to a lawyer to his client;
  2. the disclosure of this information reveals personal information about another person;
  3. the disclosure of this information reveals confidential business information;
  4. the information has been gathered in the context of an investigation concerning non-compliance with an agreement or violating a federal or provincial statute.

If Gestion QWIK INC is unable to give you access, it will inform you in writing of the reasons why.

You can make a request for rectification to Gestion QWIK INC by following the same steps as for an access request if personal information about you that Gestion QWIK INC holds is discovered to be incorrect or incomplete. If the information in question needs to be updated, deleted, or completed, Gestion QWIK INC will do so and, if necessary, provide the updated information to the persons that have access to the original information.

Unless special circumstances allow Gestion QWIK INC to extend the deadline, Gestion QWIK INC agrees to respond to any written request for access or rectification within 30 days of the requested date. In this situation, Gestion QWIK INC will send a notice of extension informing the requester of the new time period and the grounds for the extension to them within 30 days of the date of the request.

Typically, access to your personal information is provided without charge. However, Gestion QWIK INC has the right to do so in compliance with the law if it notifies the person who submitted the request of the expected cost before executing it.


Updates To Policy

We reserve the right to sometimes modify this policy. The privacy policy’s update date will be shown at the top and users will receive push notifications when it is updated.

We will take your continued use of the application and use of the service as approval of our modified privacy policy. Given that it is your obligation, you must review the policy. You must abide by the modifications we’ve made to the agreement if you don’t take any action.


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